12 Gorgeous Diy Decor Ideas Using Birdcages

Bird cage may be interesting detail as décor. It is ideal for other functions as well. You can paint in the desired color. Using birdcages for décor is the best for home accessories. This can be put on the ceiling or wall and decorate them with bird toys or flowers.

Using birdcages for décor also make interesting lampshades. It is good as candles holder or for a chandelier with closure. You can decorate it with ribbons, flowers, greenery, cones or fruit and it can be changed into a beautiful centerpiece so that it suits as a festive or seasonal table décor. This bird cage may be used as shelves also to store decorative details or books. They can be employed as holders or porters for your garden. Above all give some romantic touch by hanging them with flowers and candles on the trees.

Tunisian décor can also be elaborated using birdcages for décor. You can use a round top and a solid bottom in rectangular to promote Tunisian style. Using birdcages for décor, you can present a vintage birdcage so that you introduce a large texture dose and hang it over the dining table. Use a bulb or you can also surround a chandelier.

There is no end to your imagination. You can use the birdcages and display them on some high cabinet, slip old photographs, fill with twinkle lights, paint or suspend them, so that your imagination is the limit. In this way, you can enhance the ceiling.

Create a centerpiece to create opulent table. Consider an intricate design even if oversized to ensure best impact and stuff it with objects that mimic colors on your tableware and you enjoy a cohesive appearance. It will look distinctly unique and the colors spread on the tableware will make it look the best.

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