15 Creative DIY Decorations Using Seashells

There are several ways by which DIY decorations with seashells can be made or turned into beautiful artistic products. The products made from the seashells can then be used to add glamour or beautify a place. Seashells can be used to make products such as:

Beautiful Seashell Containers
Seashells can be used with a combination of starfish and other sea items in canister made out of glass. Using a marker or pen, the glass canister can be labelled by writing anything worthwhile such as the name of a vacation destination or even an inspiring quote on a piece of paper, and hanging it with a twine from the glass canister.

Desk Accessory
DIY decorations with seashells can also be used to make a desk accessory. This can be done through the use of larger items like puffy sea biscuits or conch shells, which can act as paper weights on top of a desk acting as a daily reminder that is not about something on a to-do-list.

Seashells can be very good items when it comes making frames. A photo from a vacation destination can put inside a vase made of glass, and then seashells put around it to support it stand straight. This will make a simple picture very beautiful at sight almost like it is in 3-D.

Creative Chimes
Creative chimes can be made using easy DIY decorations with seashells. Seashells can be stringed using a wire and then attached to a wire hanger for a basic wind chime. A hole can be drilled in every shell using a small drill bit, though most times this is not the case since the holes are normally there when the seashells are collected.

Delightful Dish
Using larger shells that are turned upside down, delightful dishes used for the purpose of keeping jewellery can be made. The dish can then be placed where one can easily access his or her items during the morning or during the night.

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