16 Space-Saving Vertical Garden Ideas

To beautify your workplace or house, vertical gardening is filed with the most novel and outstandingly modern ideas. Those eye-catching, green living walls with colorful flowers impart stylish and mind-blowing chic to the place. A place with green background just like vertical gardens has high appeal to every living soul. This can be done by purchasing vertical gardening kits available in the market or by yourself. To build those cool walls with do-it-yourself technique is great fun. If you want to see a masterpiece as output, below are given some user-friendly, simple and unique vertical garden ideas.

Planter Hanging
Another fun way to produce those green verticals is by brining into use wooden planks. You can hang about 5 to 8 wooden planks in sequence tied with lines. After it, make holes in plants big enough to make the pots adjust inside. Be careful about the gap between two holes. Plant your favorite things in those pots and place all in a planter to impart a unique impression.

Crate Gardening
Don’t throw wooden crates in waste material of the house; instead bring them into use to create a masterpiece vertical garden. Using wooden crates and boxes to beautify your work zone or house is one of the most extraordinary vertical garden ideas. Use varied and beautiful plants in those crates to adorn the surrounding with living walls.

Adorn Ladders
To create a beautiful vertical garden, the use of old ladder is also one of the most brilliant vertical garden ideas. Moreover, it is an easy, user-friendly and simple technique to build your own beautiful vertical garden. Remember to put the heavier weight below the lighter weight for each step of ladder respectively. If you polish the ladder, it will more beautify the living wall. Ladder vertical gardening is more suitable for house beautification projects.

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