17 Wonderful Diy Platform Beds

DIY platform beds need some real skill as it needs to be cut from plywood. This platform bed has no box spring and the mattress may be cut to customizable size, thus giving lots of storage space. The items may in available in some stores. Of course, the items availability, the cost of the products may differ online or while buying in the local market. Even the paint colors may slightly vary. In fact, the lumber sizes and species may also vary by market.

DIY platform beds may be a king and queen size beds, but must have a center divider at the end. For light wood, you can prefer birch plywood and replace oak with poplar or maple. You may paint in such a way that it coordinates your bedroom colors. Also enhance the look by giving a contemporary twist by using the medium density fiberboard and apply a polyurethane clear finish. Choose stain color or give a clear finish.

DIY platform beds are interesting to create. Begin by cutting plywood into smaller sections to create the bottoms/tops of the side-case, next for the dividers, side backs, bottom/top end-case and end-case back. For the king or queen size bed and extra divider is required. Keep the cutting diagram, project diagram and the cutting list ready.

Align the ends, the bottom panels of the side cases and lay out the divider location. Now, frame a square so that the marks are on plywood sheets and give perfect alignment.

Several plywood edges will be exposed and it must be covered using a veneer edge tape so that it gets a finished look. Mark the edges to be covered, cut an inch longer veneer tape pieces and ensure they are longer to the edges. Press the veneer to the panel edges using the adhesive and sand the veneer edges, apply glue and screw bottom and top.

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