18 Secret Ideas To Plan Your Hidden Garden!

Secret gardens add value into the overall outlook of your residence and perhaps this is the reason why the concept has been adopted all over the world now. However as issue with secret gardens is that you need to plan it properly if you want to see positive results for your efforts. The secret gardens very much depend on your passion and if you do not have the passion then it is advisable that you should not go for such garden. The secret gardens require creativity and that creativity will only come if you have passion for making such a garden. As mentioned earlier planning is very important for these gardens and in this article we will discuss with you some key steps regarding the secret garden’s planning. The steps are as follows

  • The first thing which you should consider is the location i:e at what spot or location are you planning to make the garden at in your backyard. The location is a huge subject though as there are many ideas involving it
  • You can utilize some critters like bush in order to prevent rabbits and slugs from entering your secret garden.
  • Plantation is a very important aspect of your secret garden and it is recommended that you choose the type of plantation which gives a natural look to your secret garden.
  • The size of the plants should also be kept into consideration
  • Some flowers have the ability to attract bees and wasps, hence it is recommended to grow such plants away from the main sitting area of your secret garden
  • The seating arrangement should be given utmost consideration by you. There are many seating ideas which you can effortlessly find on the internet.

These were some of the secret garden’s planning tips/steps which are very necessary for you.

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