21 Diy Cup Holder Ideas, Enhances The Feel And Look Of Your Kitchen Area

21 Diy Cup Holder Ideas, Enhances The Feel And Look Of Your Kitchen Area

Do you love collecting coffee mugs and is your house filled with different types of coffee mugs; if yes, then you are sure to find ways to store them safe. You can find here many diy cup holder ideas that are amazing storage ideas.

The simplest diy cup holder ideas are to use a peg board and to hang them. Just find a pegboard and hooks. It saves you a lot of space as it hangs on the wall and even picking one from the pegboard is simple.

Check your scrap pile at your home for a big pallet board. If not, check in any of the junk yards, dumpsters, landfill areas and scrap piles. You can cut the required size and change it into a cup holder. If required stencil it as coffee.

If you have a small book shelf lying in your store, make use of the book shelf. You may need to buy some hooks and nail it on the book shelf. This can be hung on the wall or may be placed on your kitchen cabinet. This gives a feel of having a rustic looking board serving as the apt diy cup holder ideas. You can paint the old book shelf so that it has a new look.

Your old coat stand that comes with hooks on a steel frame or wooden board also can be used as cup holder. It serves the right purpose and as it is on the wall mounted, space saving is sure.

If you find an antler, it also can be used for your diy cup holder ideas. Give the antler a paint of your choice matching your kitchen area and position the antler in the right place. Hang the cups on the extended branches, it is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen.