23 Diy Decoration Ideas Using Antler, Choice Is Endless

23 Diy Decoration Ideas Using Antler, Choice Is Endless

Antlers are woodland-inspired cool rustic pieces that bring coziness. Antlers make accessory holders and natural jewelry hangers. You can add some décor with diy decoration ideas using antler.

Begin by spray painting the antler. You need not go looking for some real antler; get your work with artificial antlers. After spray painting, wrap a yarn on the antler and attach it to the wall or make it standing on any table. Even if it simply placed on a table, it is sure to enhance the décor.

The possibility is remorse for everyone to have antlers collection, but you can always check with some local auctions, secondhand stores or garage sales. The diy decoration ideas using antler include:

Antler supported table. This looks unique, but it appears unstable and so do build them low.

Salt and pepper shakers in deer horn. You can do this by hollowing out the antler butts. These can be made using an electric drill. Next drill holes so that the seasonings sift through Plug the bottoms of cork stoppers and paint white enamel, it looks beautiful.

An elk antler can make great pencil holder. Hollow the soft center, glue a felt piece on the underside and prevent it from marring the desktop.

One of the diy decoration ideas using antler is a gun rack that can be built using two deer antler forks. They can be secured with wood screws or nails to the wall. This arrangement can be made so that it also works as a good coat and hat tree, but remember to blunt the horn tips. This is because it should not pierce holes in the clothing.

Handles of deer horn offer a rustic touch to cabinets, doors, windows or drawers. In fact, you can fix this around the house wherever you need pulls or knobs.