Luminous Garden Lantern Ideas

Luminous garden lantern ideas
During summers and hot weather most of the people love spending their time outdoors, mostly in their gardens and lawns. If you are one of those who are doing the same, then you must also look to make your garden look unique and attractive during night time. For this there is nothing to worry there are many different luminous garden lantern ideas that can be helpful for you. Most of these ideas can easily be implemented by you.  No matter you have a big patio or small deck lighting is must for it if you want to sit there in the evening so that you can enjoy the weather as well as stay protected from bugs or other crawly things. Lighting should be simple and cool so that you can enjoy the start views during night time. Following are some of the garden lantern ideas.

DIY Grapevine garden lights
To make beautiful grapevine garden light, you require, grapevine wreath, deflateable beach ball or a balloon and a floral wire. You have to add lights when finished. You cover the grapevine over the balloon or ball and hold it with floral wire. When you are done with all covering then you should burst the ball or balloon and pull that out and add lights. This will make a perfect lighting setup for your garden.

Bear Bottle Lights
In case if you have empty beer bottles then you can use these for creating stunning lights for your garden. This really is a quick and easy project. The only thing to do is to fill the empty clean wine or beer bottles with Christmas lights. You can prefer the light colors as per your choice. This will give you great lighting for your garden.

Other than above mentioned garden lighting patterns you can also come up with many more just by using your imaginations. Good luck!

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